Monday, 6 April 2015

Cocktails at Sushi Samba

Over the bank holiday weekend I went for drinks with work colleagues at sushi Samba in Heron tower. I decided to step out of my black work uniform and glam myself up a little bit. 

Everyone that knows me know that I love a good view, and this place is perfect for that. I'm really scared of heights and It being on the 35th floor is scary. However, I actually enjoyed the adrenaline feeling of being so high,  once I got up there the view was too perfect. 
I've never actually eaten from here before, but the cocktails are amazing. So I can only imagine how tasty the food must be. I do plan on returning for dinner next time. 

Here are pictures from the night: 

The girls and I had so much fun and we plan on returning to sushi samba for another night out. 

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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Khaki Easter

Happy Easter my lovely people! I hope you are enjoying your Easter weekend. I attended church today for a special Easter service. 

My outfit is very simple and chic, I wanted something comfortable. I've been wearing black a lot lately because of my job, and I've noticed every time I go out I tend to wear all black as well. I wanted some colour so I went for khaki, grey and black. 

Jacket: H&M 
jeans: PRIMARK
shoes: ZARA 

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Edwige xox 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Black with a pop of Colour

Hello, I hope you are all well by the grace of God. The weather was really nice today. Very warm and sunny, but towards the evening it got really chilly. Anyways here is what I wore to church today. I went for all black with a touch of colour with the shoes and bag. 

(Apologies for the quality of the pictures.  It was taken with an iPhone.) 

Cape/ ZARA / Top / H&M / Jeans / PRIMARK / Shoes/ ZARA / Bag/ VIVIENNE WESTWOOD / Sunglases / YSL 

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Collective Haul

Hello my lovely readers! I know it's been a while since I last posted but I'm back with a collective beauty haul. Haul posts isn't something I post on my blog often, but I like reading haul and beauty posts on other people's blogs. I thought to share my recent purchases to switch things up, Furthermore, I think it's essential for you guys to see what I like buying and also what I use.  I mainly feature outfit posts on m blog so this is something different. 

First on my list is this gorgeous YSL Arty Ring in Tourquouse, I've always wanted this but it sold out very quickly. I visted Bichester village last week and I luckily found it at the YSL store there and I got the size 7. 

I've been wanted a excellent consistency peach and nude lipstick for a while, I came across this YSL lipstick in Rose Bergamasque in selfridges while browsing. I love the texture of it, it's very creamy and has  a little glossy finish which is prefect for me. 

Anyone that knows me personally will tell you that I love to smell good. I love warm, sweet and strong scents. I believe people who smell good automatically become more attractive trust me! Lol anyways I adore chanel Coco perfume, it smells beautiful not too sweet but just enough. I'm not really good at describing smells so please forgive me lol. 

I like to stick to whatever works for me, I don't really like using too many things on my skin. I've been using Mac studio finish foundation for years, but I felt it's time to try something new. I heard so much about the Giogio Armani foundation so I wanted to try it. I can't give a review or comment any further because I haven't used it yet, i will write a review soon. What I can say is that it feels very smooth on my skin when I tried it at the store and doesn't give me that caky look. I bought the number 10. 

Lately I purchased the Prada candy which is one of the perfumes I've always wanted to buy but never got the chance to. Finally I decided  to try it and it love it. Its so warm and smells beautiful, once again I'm rubbish at describing so check it out guys. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post 



Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

2014 was a crazy year for me the enemy tried to knock me down and win over my life. I had people that abused my love, conspired and told a whole lots of lies about me. When I think about all that I've been through and still on the wining side I can't help but give God the glory! I'm still alive, blessed and on the journey to my destiny because of Gods favour over my life. I want to take this opportunity to also thank each and every Person who supports and shows me love on a daily basis. Thank you for all your lovely comments and encouragement I really appreciate them.
Happy New Year xx

Monday, 29 December 2014

My Skin Routine

My Morning Face Routine

Hey there everyone! Today's post is all about my skin care routine. I get so much questions about my skin from you guys. I've been meaning to do a skin routine for a while now, I just never got round to doing it.  I'm not as consistent with this routine as I really should, maybe because I don't have much problems with my skin. However, I really want to work on evening out my skin tone, I really want to have that natural glow. 

 I tend to do my facial routine mainly in the morning before I shower, I always feel it works better then, and really helps to prepare my skin before applying my foundation. I have been using these products for maybe 1 year now, I stick to what I know works good for me (boring I know) lol. However, if you guys know of any other products that you think it's worth me trying then please don't hesitate to share your suggestions. 
Taking care of my skin internally is my number one priority. I try to drink as much water as possible, I find this really helps to clear my skin. Honestly guys try drinking as much water as possible, our bodies depend on water to function properly. when we don't drink enough water it causes dehydration. This really affect our skin by making it appear and feel dry, it prevents that that natural glow to come through. 

I haven't retouched any of the photos below for authentic purpose.  I really want you guys to see my skin without any filter or make-up.


I have combination skin with dry cheeks and oily T-zones such as my forehead, nose and chin. I find it very irritating as it tends to get ridiculously oily during the day. However, no matter what block powder or primer I use nothing ever seems to work. Furthermore, nothing  annoys me more than my uneven skin tone, which I think it's common as a woman of colour. My top lip area is a lot  more darker than the rest of my face, I'm trying out  more natural products to even out that part. I will include this method in another post. 

Below are some of the products I have been using for approximately 1 year. 

Clockwise *Right 

1. Skin Clinic - Vitamin Rich Cleanser 

Info: This is a great cleanser, I always start with this first it gives that squeaky clean feeling. It contains Gycolic acid which is a natural ingredient derived from sugar cane.

2. Garnier Daily Energising Gel Scrub 

Info: This is a hydrating scrub containing vitamin C which is great for hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone. I apply this after cleansing my face, it does exactly what it says on the container. It leaves my face feeling energised and radiant. 

3. Garnier 3 in 1 Wash, Scrub and Mask

This is another product I use because I like how it makes my skin feel.  However, I don't always use it together with the above mentioned products because it's 3 in 1. I use it when I don't have time to apply all the other products. It  removes dead skin cells and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. 

4.  Palmer's Coco Butter Moisturiser 

 I always complete my routine with moisturising my skin with Coco butter. I've been using this product for over 10 years, it smells like a dream and its a cream formula therefore it's so smooth. I use this product day and night.

Thank you for reading,