Thursday, 31 July 2014

Monochrome Chic

Hello my lovely readers!
I hope you are well and enjoying your week so far. Today's post is all about Monochrome chic Courtesy of M&S. Thank you so much to the team for hooking me up, I really appreciate the love. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it. I love that it's so simple and cute. You guys already know I'm a sucker for simplicity. However, I wanted to have some fun with this look, so I opted for clear lensed sunglasses. Also I accessorised with a pearl necklace and a bangle both also provided by M&S. I wanted to go for that classic Chanel look, so I went for my small Chanel bag. To finish off the look I opted for silver front metal heels for that extra drama. 
Monochrome is a trend that can be worn all year round because it never goes out of trend. There are many ways you can wear it, you can also add a pop of colour if you like. I hope you enjoy it :)

Photography by Micheal Adeyeye
Dress : M&S  /Shoes : ZARA / Bag : CHANEL  / Necklace : M&S / Bangle:  M&S / Rings : PRIMARK/ Sunglasses: CAZAL

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Edwige Malembe

Saturday, 26 July 2014

I'm Officially a Graduate!

So on the 24th July 2014 I officially became a Bachelors of Arts  Media Studies graduate from University of West London... Woop Woop!!

                                           Class of 2014 
                                                                My sister and I 
                                                        My best friends and I 

                 I went for very natural make up with nude lips, I didn't want anything dramatic.  
                              Dress: Asos / Shoes: Zara / Watch: Michael Kors 

I had one of the best days spent with my  incredible family and friends and I couldn't ask for a better day! 

When I first went to university I had no idea what the journey would be like. Words can't describe how I'm feeling at the moment. During my first year at university I had no idea what I wanted to study. So I changed from one course to another for about two years. Then I realised I had to take a break because I wasn't ready. Then a few months later I decided to study Media Studies, which is the course I initially studied in College. I then fell in love with Media again and I stuck with it. A year ago I thought I had finished my degree, to then find out I had to resit a whole year. This news crushed me as I learned I had to pay the year myself. I wasn't in the position to do so. I had to add more work hours in order to pay for university and attend classes full time at the same time. Regardless of the struggles that extra year taught me that God's timing is the best timing. I'm a soldier and when I put my mind into something I will work hard. I will continue pursuing  my purpose which is to be great!  

University was definitely a challenge for me, it's taught me so much about myself.  I enjoyed my course, it was definitely  broad. I studied a whole host of media related topics such as film studies, print visual and communication, media and the ethics, pr campaign, journalism, Radio and fashion in context. I really feel it has equipped me for the life of TV, Fashion blogging and more. Allowing me to go into a number of fields which is always a bonus.

For the graduation itself I decided to go for a typical Edwige dress, very simple in black with mesh material. For accessories I wore studs and my statement Michael Kors watch. Since my outfit was very simple I wanted dramatic shoes, so I went for these silver metal front shoes from Zara. I must say these are the most uncomfortable shoes I owe, but they looked so good on, I had to wear them lol. 

University has been an amazing experience, the best decision I've ever made so far. I'm so proud of myself, it hasn't been easy at all.  I thank God for giving me perseverance, determination and strength to work hard. I really didn't think I would make it to the finish line. So many times I wanted to give up, but with the help of God, my family and  friends I made it! 

Thank you for reading

Edwige Malembe 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Favourite Nude Lipsticks

Hello guys! I hope you're having a lovely week so far. Today I want to talk to you about my favourite lipsticks. I haven't shared  my favourite beauty products that I enjoy using yet. Some of you may already know I hardly wear colour on my lips, to be fair I mainly wear lip gloss. However, when I feel like wearing lipstick, I mostly reach out for my nudes. It wasn't up until 2-3 years ago I started wearing lipstick. Before that in my opinion I felt that lipsticks were too bold, and perhaps too grown up for me. But then I realized how much fun a lipstick can add to a face. I started playing around with it, to begin with I started with nude shades as I felt it's easy to work with.

I like to keep my make up and lips very soft, relaxed and neutral.  However, when I'm feeling naughty I tend to go for brighter lipsticks. I just love the way nudes look on me. Many may say nudes are only in season during Spring/Summer, but I tend to wear them all year round. 

When selecting your lipstick, choosing the right type is as important as choosing colours that are flattering on the lips. 

I want to discuss the types of lipsticks, so let's go. 

Moisturising Lipstick Is actually my favourite type of lipstick. I like rich and creamy lipsticks because it appears as if I'm wearing a very thick lip gloss. I like my lips to appear hydrated rather than dry.  I believe the moisture lipstick contains ingredients such as Aloe, Glycerin and Vitamin E to help keep the lips soft. However, because these types of lipsticks are high in moisture it may need to be reapplied more than other types. 

Satin and Sheer Lipsticks are also another good choice for dry lips, in my opinion. This type is also high in moisture because they contain a high concentration of oil, therefore these lipsticks create a shiny and glossy finish. I also find these lipsticks tend to appear a lot more darker in the tube than they actually look on the lips. Similar to the Moisturising lipsticks, this type must also be reapplied more.

Creme and Matte Lipsticks  I Find these two types belong within the same family.  They contain more wax and pigment than other varieties, which helps protect the lips. However, it caused the lips to feel dry. The finish also has less shine. When I use this type of lipstick I always tend to use a gloss base such as Carmex as I find it extremely  moisturizing  to the lips. 

The lipsticks I have listed below are all moisturizing because that's the type I personally prefer to use. Before applying these lipsticks sometimes I use a brown lip pencil to prevent the edges of my lips looking milky.  Also it helps the lipsticks to blend in well. 

Clockwise from left:
•Maybeline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in 721 Pinky Beige. My absolutely favourite  £6.
I guarantee you will fall in love with this lipstick, not only the shade is amazing but the formula is beautiful, it applies very smooth. It has has a glossy finish that I love. 

•Mac lipstick in Jubilee  £15.50.
I love that it has a glossy finish that means you can skip the gloss if you wish so. 

•Mac Lipstick in Hug Me £15.50. this has to be my favourite Mac Nude lipstick, once applied it has a moisture and glossy finish. I find this one is a lot more long lasting than Jubilee (the lipstick mentioned above). 

•Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 03. £5.49.
This one is a creamy beige formula and it lasts up to 8 hours.

What are your favourites? And do you know of any dupes I should try? :)

Thank you for reading

Edwige Malembe

Friday, 11 July 2014

Urban Goth

Hello everyone! I hope you are well and enjoying your week so far. Today's post contains very different styling to my usual feminine looks. Like I said previously I want to experiment different styles for you guys. However, I wasn't too sure about this particular outfit because I felt it's too crazy for me, but once my photographer and I began shooting it grew into me. I didn't want the outfit to be all black because it felt very Gothic, therefore I added the neon blazer for some colour and  that urban feel.  The blazer is actually a lot more bright and vibrant in person , but the camera didn't pick it up right. I added black heels for extra drama, I really wanted this outfit to be crazy and different to everything I have done so far. I wanted to make it crazy for you guys. My aim is to help anyone in a fashion crisis or in need to learn how to put items together according to your body type or shape. I want to give you ideas and inspire you to dress sexy but with sophistication. I hope you enjoy :)
Photography by Micheal Adeyeye
 Blazer : F&F  /Top : ZARA / Skirt : H&M  / Shoes : ASOS / Necklace:  PRIMARK / Ring : H&M / Watch: MICHEAL KORS

Monday, 7 July 2014

All About My Hair!!

Hello there! Today's post is all about my curly hair!

Many have asked me about my hair, so today I'm telling you all about it. I wanted to do something new  because I wanted a new look. I was tired of Brazilian hair and I wanted something different. I didn't matter if it was human hair or synthetic. So went I for the Kanubia hair from Pak Hair Shop in Finsbury park. (Below is the hair packet)

I wasn't too sure it would suit me at first, but my sister convinced  me to go ahead with it. At first if I'm honest, I really didn't like it. As I got used to it, it grew on me. Now I must say I love it, although it's synthetic hair it's really soft, but like every other hair it sheds. I feel the more old and rough it gets the better. Although I'm due to take it out now I must say it still looks good.

To help the hair look better and healthy I trimmed it, mainly from the sides and the back.  I didn't want it to all be the same length and I wanted more volume. 


Since the hair is synthetic after a while it tends to feel and look rough. so to maintain a healthy look, I sometimes put leave in conditioner to soften it up. After I use my fingers to comb and spread the hair. If your looking to do this hair or anything similar, I say go for it because it's so easy to maintain.


Like I mentioned above the hair is from Pak Hair Shop in Finsbury Park, and it's retailed for £6 for each packet if I'm correct. It's definitely no more than than that.

Friday, 4 July 2014


Hello readers!
 Today's post is all about simplicity according to  Leonardo De Vinci "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" and Coco Chanel also quoted " Simplicity is the key of elegance". I totally agree with both mentioned quotes, as I love everything simple. I love simplicity because it poses so much elegance, I love the fresh and cleanness it poses. My style is currently very feminine and sophisticated but I'm always up for a change.

Photography by Micheal Adeyeye
 Jumper: RIVER ISLAND /  Trousers: H&M  / Heels : RIVER ISLAND  / Bangle: ASOS

 Thank you for reading