Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Hello there, it's been a hot minute. I hope your well. I'm still away on holiday in Congo, I've been having trouble  connecting to the internet. Still, I'm trying my best to keep you guys updated with what I have been doing. The last few days I've been spending a lot more time with family and also catching up with my best mate who is also here on  holiday. We headed out for dinner with her family where we enjoyed a lovely meal. I hope you enjoy :)

I opted for this very light and comfortable  shirt from H&M, shoes from River Island and Chanel bag. 

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Maxi Dress

Hello everyone! I hope you are well. I headed out for lunch today in Gombe city in Congo. The weather was amazing so I went for a maxi dress, I wanted to feel overall comfortable but still looking cute.
I hope you enjoy :)

Dress: NEW LOOk/ Bag: MICHAEL KORS/ Watch: GUESS / Sandles: EBay

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Hey guys! Here is today's outfit of the day while hanging out in Bon Marche in Congo. I headed out for dinner with my sister and her friends so I thought to share my outfit. I've gained weight guys! (Cryin) I think it's drastic because I have been eating so much bread and meat at very late hours. So when I come back to the UK it's on! I can't wait to go back to the gym and on a diet. Anyway. I hope you enjoy today's post :) 

Top: H&M/ Jeans: Primark/ Shoes: Aldo/ Bag: Micheal Kors/ Necklace: Zara/ Watch: Micheal Kors/ Ring: YSL

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Blue Dress

Hello everyone! I thought I would put this up from earlier on today, my sister and I went out for a meal in Kinkole city. It's the best place in Congo for fresh food such as fish and meat. It's a really nice place to relax filled with music and entertainment. I really enjoyed myself, it's a nice place to hang with friends or family. You guys already know it's my first time in Congo since 1998 therefore everything is new to me. I'm happy to be in my country, but I'm starting to feel home sick. I miss my family, friends and the babes :) but not long to go now until
We have to go back.

For today's post I decided to go for this blue dress, I love the colour as it's so strong and vibrant . A skater blue dress goes a long way guys! I paired it with a black and gold sandles, black sunglasses and Louis Vuitton bag. I apologies for the quality of these pictures as I'm using my iphone to take pictures. 

    We ordered fish and kwanga 
The best drink in Congo is Viltal'O
I bought a bracelet with my name stamp, I absolutely love it! 

Dress : Topshop /Shoes : River Island / Bag : Louis Vuitton / Necklace : Primark Sunglasses: Ysl / Watch: Guess 

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

All Black Everything

Hello there, I hope all is well.
I'm continuously having a good time in Congo with my sister. I'm loving visiting my family who I haven't seen for more than 20 years, it feels  amazing to be home. This whole experience is constantly teaching me that God is good. Many have died or are laying in hospital beds fighting for their lives, but me and you are alive we must give thanks. Anyway, today I went to see my cousin and this is what I wore. For some reason I was in the mood to wear all black with a hint of red. I hope you enjoy :)

Hat/ Topshop/ Top/ Bohoo/ Trousers/ Primark/Shoes/ Asos/ Bag/ Aldo /Necklace \ Primark / Bangle / M&S / 

Monday, 11 August 2014

Soirée in Congo

Hello my lovely readers! 

I hope you are well and enjoying your week. I'm definitely having a good time here in Congo. I headed out for dinner and after to a bar with my sister and a few friends. Since the weather is amazing today I wanted to show some legs. I went for a basic grey top, leather black skirt, and knee length gladiator sandles and to finished the look I added a black Chanel bag. 
I apologies for the quality of these pictures as I'm using my iphone to take pictures. I hope you enjoy.

Top/ Asos/ Skirt/ H&M/Shoes/ RiverIsland/Bag/ Chanel/watch/Micheal Kors 

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           Edwige Malembe 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

All about Congo

Hello guys! I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend. 

On Wednesday 6th august it was my birthday and I turned 25. I'm getting old guys it's kind of scary lol. Anyway, Wednesdays night my sister, her friend and I traveled to the Congo (Kinshasa), our motherland. We took the 6:50 am flight, which took us to Brussels, from there we took Sebena to Luanda then Congo was the last stop. we reached here Thursday night around 10pm. The whole trip lasted about 14hours, it was very tiring, I couldn't feel my bum and legs after, everything was numbed. 

              ( At Heathrow ) 07/08/2014
    At Heathrew Terninal 07/08/2014

I went for a very casual look while traveling because I wanted to be comfortable , as we were flying for approximately 14hours. I opted for combat trousers, Black top and black trainers. I didn't accessorize much only wore a watch. 

                  (The Echanger)

I'm so excited to be here in Congo because it's my first time back since 1998. I don't really remember much about the country, however, my culture lives in my heart. I love Congolese traditions and hopefully by the grace of God one day I will pass it on to my children. Congo is a beautiful country nothing like we see on TV, they have some gorgeous architecture here that has left me speechless. I'm yet to visit many parts of the Congo as we've only been here for a few days.  

              My aunty and I 
                 My gran and I 

I really admire everyones strength here in Congo, people work very hard to make a living. Everyone is trying to sell something so they can feed their families. Although people are struggling they are very positive about life and the future. It's heart  breaking to see people struggling as the country has so much potential. It has made me realise that I take the UK for granted, we have so much opportunities to work and to make a good living. Despite the struggles in Congo life is good, People here don't have it all but they are surviving. 

I couldn't finish the post without selfies guys! Lol 

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              Edwige Malembe