Monday, 29 December 2014

My Skin Routine

My Morning Face Routine

Hey there everyone! Today's post is all about my skin care routine. I get so much questions about my skin from you guys. I've been meaning to do a skin routine for a while now, I just never got round to doing it.  I'm not as consistent with this routine as I really should, maybe because I don't have much problems with my skin. However, I really want to work on evening out my skin tone, I really want to have that natural glow. 

 I tend to do my facial routine mainly in the morning before I shower, I always feel it works better then, and really helps to prepare my skin before applying my foundation. I have been using these products for maybe 1 year now, I stick to what I know works good for me (boring I know) lol. However, if you guys know of any other products that you think it's worth me trying then please don't hesitate to share your suggestions. 
Taking care of my skin internally is my number one priority. I try to drink as much water as possible, I find this really helps to clear my skin. Honestly guys try drinking as much water as possible, our bodies depend on water to function properly. when we don't drink enough water it causes dehydration. This really affect our skin by making it appear and feel dry, it prevents that that natural glow to come through. 

I haven't retouched any of the photos below for authentic purpose.  I really want you guys to see my skin without any filter or make-up.


I have combination skin with dry cheeks and oily T-zones such as my forehead, nose and chin. I find it very irritating as it tends to get ridiculously oily during the day. However, no matter what block powder or primer I use nothing ever seems to work. Furthermore, nothing  annoys me more than my uneven skin tone, which I think it's common as a woman of colour. My top lip area is a lot  more darker than the rest of my face, I'm trying out  more natural products to even out that part. I will include this method in another post. 

Below are some of the products I have been using for approximately 1 year. 

Clockwise *Right 

1. Skin Clinic - Vitamin Rich Cleanser 

Info: This is a great cleanser, I always start with this first it gives that squeaky clean feeling. It contains Gycolic acid which is a natural ingredient derived from sugar cane.

2. Garnier Daily Energising Gel Scrub 

Info: This is a hydrating scrub containing vitamin C which is great for hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone. I apply this after cleansing my face, it does exactly what it says on the container. It leaves my face feeling energised and radiant. 

3. Garnier 3 in 1 Wash, Scrub and Mask

This is another product I use because I like how it makes my skin feel.  However, I don't always use it together with the above mentioned products because it's 3 in 1. I use it when I don't have time to apply all the other products. It  removes dead skin cells and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. 

4.  Palmer's Coco Butter Moisturiser 

 I always complete my routine with moisturising my skin with Coco butter. I've been using this product for over 10 years, it smells like a dream and its a cream formula therefore it's so smooth. I use this product day and night.

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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Let's remember Jesus is the reason we  are celebrating. So let's remember to give thanks. Also remember the best gifts in life isn't found under a Christmas tree,  but those gifts are in family,children, friends, and loved ones.

                                                           My baby bro and I 

                                                  Have a wonderful Christmas! 
                                             See you soon

Friday, 12 December 2014

Wardrobe Essentials: Coats

Oversize is beautiful this winter! 

The oversize cotton coat is everything this winter, as seen all over the runway many celebrities have been sporting it from the lights of Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Ciara and many more. The oversize silhouettes takes a cue from the men's coat silhouette.  Although the oversize coat have been trending for almost a year now, I think now it's all about the more fitted with streamline silhouette.  I love that these coats can be dressed up or down.


I fell in love with the oversize coat from the moment I saw Kim Kardashian wear hers on instagram, I knew I wanted to try it. In my opinion she wears it the best and it very much looks well put together at all times. However, while you may be thinking only celebrities with slim waist and toned bodies could wear these coats, I am telling you otherwise. No matter your shape or size, when styled correctly anyone could wear the oversize coat.

When I purchased my oversize coat from Missguided I knew to go for a smaller size (10)  than my usual size (12). I paid close attention to the shoulder seam, I did not want it to fall more than two inches below my shoulders as I'm very petite.

 I would advice you to wear perhaps bodycon or slimming pieces underneath to help balance the coat, if you follow me on Instagram you'ill see that I wore mine with black slim jeans and a black turte neck jumper. Also, because most of these coats are very long, if you are petite like myself then I would advice you to wear heels. This way you will give your self some added height which will help lengthen your silhouette in order to provide a sense of proportion.

Find you perfect oversize coat below by clicking on the shop names, its a direct link. Time to shop!

image1xl.jpg (290×370)
Asos - £110
c3107863_lillian_10.11.14_aj_0015-1.jpg (1160×1680)
 Missguided £69.99
hmprod (972×1137)
H&M  £79.99
c3106747_cindym_01.12.14_sp_1041.jpg (1160×1681)
Missguided £69.99
hmprod (972×1137)
H&M  £69.99
Hobbs cream Loretta Waterfall Coat, Lace Dress, Agatha Brogues
Hobbs £479.00

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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Nude On Nude

Hello guys I hope you had a lovely weekend, I wanted to share this nude on nude look from a few weeks ago. I took these picture during the Indian summer week where we had consistent beautiful sunshine. When creating this outfit I was really inspired by the Burberry Trench coat outfits during Fashion Week. I loved the different ways celebrities and blogger's styled theirs, so I had to add my own spin on it. Trench coats are a timeless piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe honestly, it's a key piece because it's versatile so it can be dressed up or down. I love that it automatically adds sophistication and elegance to any outfit.
I hope you like it and enjoy the rest of your week :)

I was wearing:

Zara Coat  (similar)
New Look skirt  (similar)
Warehouse Skirt  (similar)
Zara Shoes  (similar)
YSL Sunglasses  (similar) 

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Crème Noir

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are having a good weekend. I went to church today with my family today. I had no idea what to wear as it was raining but before I left the house the rain stopped (Yeahay!) Anyways I went for all black with a touch of cream. I was pretty warm and comfortable. It was so ironic my sister and my niece also was feeling the cream/ nude jacket look. We all turned up dressed similar (so cute) lol.
 I hope you like the post and enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

(Iphone photo)

I was wearing:
Missguided Coat  
Sisley Jumper  
Zara jeans  
Asos Shoes  

Aldo Bag  

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