Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Tresor Rare: Skin relaxor thermal mask

Hello everyone I hope you are well. 

So lately I've noticed my skin has been breaking out badly. I normally have combination skin but more on the oily side, I've noticed recently my skin has been a lot more on the dry side. The dry cracks are actual very viable on my face, and when I apply  foundation I feel it  makes it worse.

However, A few weeks ago I was walking by South Molton Street in Bond Street and came a cross the Treaor Rare boutique. Some of the workers were outside handing out free samples, I was handed the Skin Relaxor Thermal mask. Prior to this I had no idea that this brand existed, so I was excited to try this product. The first thing I noticed when opening the sample is the luxorouse smell it contains, and smoothness. Before applying the product, I cleaned my face with warm water, then I massaged it into my skin and left it to seat for 6 minutes then rinsed with warm water. It left my skin feeling super soft and glowy, I've never experienced such sensation during or after facial. 

      (The free sample, after I opened it.) 

The product has a very warming sensation once applied, I'm not surprised why this product cost so much, it retails for £1,187, yes crazy right? I love how it made my skin feel, my family and friends noticed a smoothness and brightness to my face. The products can be purchased online via or via the boutique in South Molton street in Bond Street.

        (The actual retail package)
Although I do like the product and I feel it did a great job in terms of how my skin felt after. However, I don't think it's worth paying the above price because it's no different to other high end products that cost way less. I do recommend trying the sample to see if it would work for you for first. Overall yes I do love it, but it's way too expensive for me.

Thank you for reading