Monday, 16 May 2016

Comfy Chic

Hello lovelies! It's been a while and I've missed you all :)
The last few months has been hectic but the weather is getting better so I'm in a good spirit. I love summer it's my favourite season and the sunshine makes me happy!  I love that there's no need to try hard, throw on anything and it looks amazing. For me less is more in the summer, it's all about simplicity and elegance, then again that's me overall. 

Anyway today's blog features my friend Ruth, she's also a blogger check her out (click here). I headed to church on Sunday and it was pretty sunny,  but a little chilly, so I decided to go for a comfortable and warm look. I opted for this gorgeous jumper I love so much, it's been seating in my wardrobe for about 1 month. I paired it with black jeans, brown wedges, cream and mauve cross body bag. 

Outfit Details 

Jumper: BOOHOO
Jeans: LEE
Shoes: FOREVER21

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Client Looks

I created a few looks for clients this week and I thought to share it with you guys. If you follow me on Instgram then I'm sure you've seen these pictures. The first 
look is a office attire, second is causal but still chic for during the day and finally evening look. All looks are pieces from Miu Miu spring /summer 2016 collection. 

These looks below are for a sophisticated lady who wants to always look chic and elegant regardless. She's always Classic in a way but she's not afraid of colour. That's why these looks are perfect for her. 


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Random Instagram moments

So lately I have been taking a lot of pictures and posting more on Instagram (Edwigealamode). I'm sharing random Instagram moments with you today. You guys already know that I love simplicity but you will find in some pictures I tried something different. At the moment I'm very  inspired by Miu miu girl concept. Which is very graphical and optical. It involves clashing colours and prints. I will be posting more with this concept.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Silk Fibre Enhancer: Review

Happy new year everyone!! I hope you had an amazing time with your loved ones.

If you are on a hunt for a brow enhancer that is easy to use,  gives a natural effect , adds shape and volume. Then Silk oils of Morocco fibre enhancer may be perfect for you. It works really well on it's own or mixed with other products ( I.e pencil, eye shadow, etc).

Silks oils of Morocco's fibre enchanter comes in 5 shades
Extra light: fair brows
Light: blond brows
Medium: medium brown brows
Dark: dark brown brows
Extra dark: very dark/ black brows

I'm using the darkest shade in extra brown as my brows are fairly dark. I've been using the brow enhancer for approximately 4 weeks and I must say it adapts very well to my skin. I tend to get really oily around my brows and forehead area, so usually whenever I pencil my brows I tend to set it with a loose powder to matt it.

I found that this enhancer is more On the Matt side, therefore I don't need to set it with powder. I have very thin and messy brows but this product tends to help give my brows shape, fullness and also keep them in place. To be fair even if you have very thin brows or  none I feel you can create a naturally looking strong brows with this product, 

I've noticed it takes about  60 seconds to set and to he honest it's not hard to use. It's much quicker to use than a pencil. I use it the same way I would use a pencil to fill in my brows.   Removal is easy as well I just washed my face with warm water.

As you can see from the pictures above my brows really looks filled. This product gave me a more thick and defined brows. However, although I do like the fibre enhancer I  will continue to pencil in my brows as I'm very familiar with that method,  but I will also use the enhancer as a setting powder. 

The brow enhancer can be purchased from Silk of Morocco Oil for £24.95 alternatively from  Boots  for £19.99.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Grey and Black

Happy new year folks!  

I headed to church with family  and above  is what I wore. It's very cold in London right now, so I wanted to keep warm. I opted for grey and black colour scheme. I'm really in love with the two colours right now because it works really well together.  

Coat: warehouse
Jumper: Maje
Jeans: Maje
Boots : Asos
Bag: Zara